Kiwis and Koalas


Subtle Inclusion

There is a simple beauty in Sarah's ability to write with subtle inclusion, from family dynamic to disability.
"because everyone deserves to see themselves in a book"

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Visual Journey

A delight for all ages. Laura has visually encapsulated the very essence of childhood imagination. Not just pages of a book, but pieces of art.


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"Home is where the heart is, memories are what make us unique. Taking a peek into Lily’s world reminded me of how wonderful childhood can be, with a little imagination and without the constraints of time."

Rebecca Gibney - NZ/Australian Actress

"Zac was born in Australia and we lived happily in Melbourne for close to 14 years before venturing back to New Zealand and settling in the South Island or Te Wai Pounamu, which my heart prefers."

Rebecca Gibney - NZ/Australian Actress

"Reading to children will always be one of the greatest gifts of time you can bestow upon them, thank you for the magic Sarah and to you Laura for the wonderful illustrations."

Rebecca Gibney - NZ/Australian Actress